About Us


Texas Cottage Food Industry

Home cooked is true of all of our products. We only sell what we cook in a home kitchen. "Our philosophy" is great ingredient, awesome recipes, no added flavor enhancers, and a happy grandma makes the best home cooked goodies. "Our vision." was to share the tradition of canning with others by finding the very best non GMO foods to product old time traditional preserves. Salsa, Sauces, Sweet Jams/Jellies, Relishes, Pickles, and mustards. Nutrition starts with the seeds and the soil. From there the goal is to get the product right from the vine or tree and into the recipe swiftly. Until it is opened, no refrigeration is needed to keep each jar fresh. Chuck Wagon cooks all knew the joy of canned yummies to accent the trail foods.

Our Story

Our children shared our food and gave it as gifts over the years. The heritage of canning is passed down from one generation to the next. 15 years ago, many did not want to wait for a present or a gift to get Grandma's goodies. So, I started making more batches than we would eat and would sell them at craft shows or farmer's markets. It is our great hope to share this legacy of homemakers of the past with the new millennials who know the importance of nutrition for their families.

Meet the Team

Its a family affair. Tilling the dirt, to harvesting the fruits. As our market grows, we now have to purchase many of the ingredients for our products. A new green house is in the works and teaching others how to preserve is also a part of the future team. The sons and the daughters all have learned to plant, till, grill, and can the goods. Now the grandkids are into the works to learn what goes into the stuff grandma makes for them.


Tonia Plemmons Beistle

Owner and the Grandma:

I am a graduate of ASU with a major in mass media marketing. I attended school in Phoenix, Az. where I attended high school, college, police academy, and joined the US NAvy.

I worked in many fields over the years. Worked as a broadcaster, was a trauma tech in the Navy, and was a master gunsmith. My real passion today is cooking great foods, loving my kids and grandkids. Especially enjoy meeting people at the trade and craft shows where I sell my wares.

Next Steps...

I do take custom orders and can tell you where we will be next. Text us, email us, or visit our booth at the next showing. This is not an assembly line. Variables are many; so, get what you want and stock up. Most all of the ingredients are seasonal and at times limited. Order now early in the season to ensure you have your pantry full.